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Careful!  You are about to know the first imbustatrice confezionatrice, for tinplates and mozzarella in commerce.    Small, Simple, Economic.





Progex engineering, CONSTRUCTS imbustatrici, confezionatrici cars of food.  It has been adapted at the moment of economic crisis that involves the countries of the world and has developed the new plan “Capri” dedicated to the small business and to the craftsmen that they wish to begin a job in economic way, with a equipment simple to use and the minimal investment.Confezionatrici PROGEX are:  Certifyd:  Made in Italy. 


But because it is convenient ...............?



it is Small

he is Simple

it is Economic


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Capri is planned in order to be used in atmospheres little ones. Measure to the base cm.80x95 and a height of 140 job of cm. is mounted on wheels for which it is easy spostabile.in every place.




an image

The fundamental characteristic of the imbustatrice “Capri” is simplicity of uses and d the facility of programming






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It does not exist, on the domestic market and foreign a car of characteristics similar to an exceptionally competitive price.




   Progex you standard to save without to renounce to the quality



Componentry in stainless steel, easy washable, produced with the concept “Planning the event” that through the planned maintenance and the control of the system it leads to the maximum efficiency, it increases the production and it reduces the arrest warrants plot.






Capri can work in cheese factories of small dimensions,



Front sight                   Back plots 



Electric power supply 220 v. single phase - 1600 Wa. Air supply: 7 bars  

The service plan, protect the structure from eventual sketches of tinplates,

it is equipped of tank to pneumatic drive for the feeding of the produced one. The phase of drainage determines the cycle previously automatic rifle respecting the set up times on the PLC.

On the frontal belt the start button is situated cycle is the emergency for the fast interruption of the working cycle for circumstances or random events.


Operation: The produced one is placed on the cargo tank. The tank to every working cycle overturns, and directly inserts the content in the mold preparation tube. They can be manifactured single pieces or multiples (es: bocconcini) Slipping without to endure stress (graces to appropriate sagomature of the convogliatori) the produced one crosses the tube while the pump generates the programmed amount of the government liquid.

The work programme is equipped of drainage for the residual ones of tinplates, is rialzabile and easy pulibile.



The mold preparation tube standard of the diameter of 100 milimeter for one wide envelope 165mm. of stainless steel and it is sagomatoi to the entrance for the centraggio with the plan of advanced service that assures a valid protection during the distance of the produced one and from the entualità of accidental sketches of tinplates.  The collar, of the industrial type to shirt assures is an easy sliding of the film that the centraggio automatic rifle of the implication for the vertical welding. Measure wraps of the coil 390 Films milimeter

The car is equipped of a system for the washing automatic rifle of all the ducts of feeding of the produced one and the liquid of government


Traction of the film with cinghioli motorized on flange adjustable for the just pressure. Easy removable 24 motors V. DC for cleansing and maintenance.


The welding machines are managed for an apt tenacious welding to any thickness film, coupled or having monoknit, or micropierced film or cartene. The temperatures rigidly are controlled by electronic thermoregulators with display device that they visualize is the set up temperature that real one. They are equipped of sensors that adapt pemperatua the tax to that of the job atmosphere. The circuit of feeding of the heating resistances is protect by electronic contactors to the solid state. All the car is electrically isolated from the circuit of net through a power transformer respecting all the relative safety regulations to uses it of the car in atmospheres subject to variable of temperature and humidity.


Dater to impression of ink to immediate drying. He works pneumatically to every working cycle. Mounted on flowing railroad he is horizontally that vertically for research purposes of the position of he prints. He has 10 rotary fields for the update of the data. Measure 5 characters milimeter

(Example:  23/03/2013)


The encoder it is an electronic counter to vhf, to gears, of series on all the versions of the HappyCapri. It communicates directly with logic of the PLC and allows, setting up a numerical, greater entity or a minor length of the envelope. It is of high precision and it assures a constant dimension of the produced envelopes.  It allows I use it of neutral films (without prints) or film with “prints continuous” 'so as to be able to use the same coil mounted on the car in order to produce to confection with weights and various dimensions. 


The reader of centered notch is a device that a printed publication in the margin of the coil reads and allows to regulate the welding system so that to produce envelopes with logo and perfectly written reference. He is not advisable for small productions to cause, of the approviggionamento of the film. In fact Kg) for every single system (regarding the dimennsioni and the largeness of the produced one is necessary to order quantitative minimal (approximately 300 to manifacture, for which it increases the film lying in warehouse.

N.B the system “reader Tacca” is not previewed in the HappyCapri/base, for which it must be tidy besides.





With encoder eStampa it continues


With notch for it prints centered





PLC Crouzet of easy programming - It manages all the functions of the car.




“The car, from the date of confirmation of the order, is always available in four weeks.

Guarantee 100% for an entire year.

For a reciprocation urgent: fast delivery in 24 h.

To make it to work is easy, with the aid of our experts.





Beyond the quality, our secret is the "price"

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PROGEX - ho. Commercial - For information it telephones to the number: 0523 647988


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The solution “Tinplates in envelope” of the confezionatrice Capri.

In the photo a appilcazione of the car is evidenced, to valley of a realized system of industrial pasteurization in Algeria.


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